Transitus, under the umbrella of The Martinsey Isle Trust is an holistic Network and Resource List to support a change of approach to physical death, dying and continuity of consciousness – before during and after life.
The name 'Transitus' comes from the Latin verb transire - meaning here 'to make a passage or crossing, from the ending of one phase of life into the birthing of another'.

The Network comprises a growing group of people working in a way that honours all aspects of life - mind, body, spirit and emotions - that are involved with the sacred process of dying.
Our aims are: to release fears and taboos; support those dying and bereaved; raise awareness of 'green' and family-based approaches to death; and to encourage the acceptance of the concept of continuity of consciousness.
The Network also supports its members so that none of us feels alone.
Members include those working with: palliative care nursing; midwifing the soul; music thanatology; alternative funerals and celebrations; natural burials; grief counselling; life after death; related workshops; and more.

The Transitus Gathering, for members only, held in Devon, has recently taken for its theme,
1. Dual Nationality – As Above So Below – How do we live this dual nationality and use it well, within our work? (inspired by Jonathan Stedall’s book ‘Where on Earth is Heaven’)
2. Vigiling – showcasing the talents (see video section as new films appear on the main site) of members in vigiling the body and soul.
In 2012/13 we shall consider those who work with Grief, Bereavement and The Search for Meaning.

The Transitus Resource List compiled and updated twice yearly is available by email and post.
It is our intention to create an ever-expanding web site which will allow people from across the globe to access information about the whole field of continuity of consciousness, which sees dying and being born as a similar process.
'An Experiential Enquiry into Death & Dying'
The Sammasati Project
A powerful retreat on 6-10 March, 2013 offered by The Sammasati Project
Pre-bereavement Class/Support Group for those who are facing the loss of a loved one.
If you are facing the loss of someone close to you, you may be interested in this class, run by a trained Soul Midwife
'The Conscious Practice of Living & Dying '
Becoming present The Conscious Practice of Living & Dying. This form is a potent engaged nature based look at our own relationship with dying "so we may live!" "I would recommend this work for all who are seeking to engage deeply with those who are dying." Dr David Owen, Holistic Physician with Jeremy Thres and support 01647 221444 Also May, October and by arrangement.
'Graveland Exhibition'
A playful Art & Photography exhibition, exploring cemeteries from around the world
See or for more details. Both Carla Conte and Sabra Lawrence will be exhibiting.
'Dying to Live'
Workshops with Archa Robinson RGN Onc OHMT
Workshops with Archa Robinson RGN Onc OHMT
A THREE- DAY RESIDENTIAL WORKSHOP For counsellors, psychotherapists, those involved in spiritual direction or life coaching
'Funeral Related Books by Jean Francis'
Time to Go & Finishing Touches
These inspirational and easily accessible books are a must for anyone thinking of planning a funeral.
Transitus is a member of The National Council of Palliative Care's
'The Dying Matters - Let's Talk About It' Coalition'
With thanks

With deep thanks to
Sir George Trevelyan for inspiring the co-founders of Transitus
Carmella B'Hahn ( SolaceAlchemy ),
Judith Pidgeon ( The Martinsey Isle Trust )
Janice Dolley for the Wrekin Trust's Death: The Great Adventure weekend in 2004.

We are also greatly indebted to the pioneering work of Josefine Speyer and Nicholas Albery in creating The Natural Death Centre and its continuing work
Swans on the Somerset Levels
Sunset off Kalymnos, Greece
Telendos, Greece
Burrowbridge Mump, Somerset
Mysterious tunnel in Kalymnos, Greece
Chalice Well, Glastonbury
Her Majesty
The Martinsey Isle Trust and the Glaston Rose Humane Company Creating an idyll of Martinsey and Lidney Islands Natural Burial honouring life's sacred thresholds
The Martinsey Isle Trust was co-founded in 2002 by David Wasley, its inspiration, and Judith Pidgeon, its grounder

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