Aims and Objectives

Create a Sacred Heritage Trust, to protect our sacred land including the purchase and maintenance of ‘Martinsey’ as a heritage and spiritual land trust
Support the Guardianship of England’s pre- and proto- Christian history
Honour all spiritual beliefs
Provide the healing power of beautiful places including Martinsey
Promote pustiniae, places of spiritual refuge and healing, to support the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the dying, the dead and the bereaved – for the end of life and beyond-holistic death centres – aiding Transitus
Offer this same holistic ideal for all engaged in burials of choice and a place for memorial and ceremony
Integrate with local farmers and linking with others offering education and care of the land
Link spiritual and emotional education and shared learning in death, dying and the continuity of consciousness; conscious living, conscious dying and in care of the land
Instigate this holistic approach to spiritual, emotional and environmental awareness, support and education through talks, events, workshops, drama, music, the visual arts and children’s events
Work alongside others in all these aims, such as, The Natural Death Centre, The Wrekin Forum, The National Trust, The Association of Natural Burial Grounds and Funeral Directors and The International Federation of Thanatologist Associates
Engage in research in all aspects of the work of the Trust and promote and publish these ideals

There are four separate subsidiary projects allied to THE MARTINSEY ISLE TRUST. Each of these separate projects has its own bank account and there is one further account where funds are allocated between each of the four projects as appropriate.
These are :
THE GLASTONBERRY ROSE PROJECT (honouring all beliefs) – The work specific to this project is:
  • To promote, publish and engage in sacred research, particularly into pre- and proto-Christianity and issues pertaining to immortality;
  • Through creative articles;
  • Talks;
  • The Numex research and gematria of the Bible design programme
  • To work with others to re-awaken the sacred seed and catalyst of Christianity, and of other faiths, set forth in Britain before the 1st Century BCE
THE ART OF DYING PROJECT – The work specific to this project is:
  • Releasing taboo, denial and fear around death for all
  • Making dying less isolating
  • Ensuring that informed choice is available to all
  • Helping locate resources
  • Validating personal and professional experiences of death, loss and fear
  • Acting as a vehicle for sharing personal history with family, friends and the community in ways not otherwise open, prior to such work
  • Offering a less threatening way to do this through the Arts and theatre in particular
  • Opening dialogue universally
  • Bringing new perspectives to local, regional and national debate in public, professional and lay person’s domain and language
  • Helping to change society’s view of death, dying and the continuity of consciousness
  • Championing ecological, social entrepreneurial and spiritual approaches to death, dying and disposal
  • Reaching those people who do not typically engage in the Arts and those less likely to be represented or involved in care, education and decision making
  • Acting as part of the cathartic, healing process
  • Helping to ensure a blessèd death for all
THE GLASTON ROSE LAND PROJECT is for the proposed burial ground
  • to purchase and care for Martinsey as a pustinia – a place of sacred care and learning
  • to inspire other sacred and holistic death centres
  • to support the Natural Death Movement and informed choice concerning this
is an independent Network composed of a growing group of people working in ways that honour all aspects of life - mind, body, spirit and emotions - involved with the sacred process of dying. The work specific to this project is
  • A resource list and Booklet, available to members and the general public alike of those committed to working in death, dying and bereavement and beyond with spiritual intention and awareness
  • An annual gathering for its members to support one another and network together
  • A festival day for its members, professionals, volunteers and the general public to share, and disseminate information and to raise awareness about everything we need to consider when we, or those we care about and for, are dying or grieving and beyond
  • To help to create a better understanding of the continuity of consciousness before, during and after life
Each member of Transitus is independent
The ruin at Martinsey
The River Axe at Martinsey
Trust land at Godney
Heron takes off at Panborough
Panborough Hill
The Martinsey Isle Trust and the Glaston Rose Humane Company Creating an idyll of Martinsey and Lidney Islands Natural Burial honouring life's sacred thresholds
The Martinsey Isle Trust was co-founded in 2002 by David Wasley, its inspiration, and Judith Pidgeon, its grounder

The Martinsey Isle Trust - Ivy Cottage - Bath Road - Sturminster Newton - Dorset - DT10 1DU - UK - Telephone: 01258 475 125
Registered Charity Number : 1135600
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