Next came the purchase of 'Roseland'

We continue to consider seeking planning permission for a burial site here, but as the land is below is now used as a water bottling plant we are wary of compromising a local business – though we are assured that there would be no danger from pollution. For the moment, we plan to offer the land for indigenous memorial trees and ashes on its perimeter, retaining the rest as an area for ceremony and celebration. We will continue to take care to protect the needs of local farmers who also use the land from time to time and live nearby and maintain the inherent sacredness of the area. If you are interested in any aspect of this, please contact David on 01494 773712 or email

Care of the Land
Nathan keeps a weather-eye on Roseland's ecology and wild life for us. He reports:

The memorial cricket bat willow is doing very well now and seems to have got its roots in well, and the oak that you had planted seems to be thickening up and is very healthy looking....The field in the summer with its long grass was full of so many insects of different species, I am sure it was great bonus to the wildlife of the area!

Sarah Browne provided a beautiful blessing ceremony. Others helped hedge laying of the field.

GodneyMoorland has been recognised by Rural England as a well-kept and improved piece of land, thanks to David, Catriona, Ewa, Tyrone and Patricia. Oh, and I did my bit towards this too! David has also improved the existing barn areas, using only recycled materials. The abiding image, for me, is watching him placing each tiny piece of parquet flooring, rescued from an old school, onto the ground we had cleared and flattened. This area is used by the Trust for workshops such as ‘Weave Your Own Coffin' and art and stained glass memorial work (We plan to create a Hall of Memory with in the buildings.) and is available for hire, with the neighbours' wellbeing in mind. Again, please contact David on 01494 773712 or email'
Chalice Well
Chalice Well
Glastonbury Tor from the Somerset Levels
The Martinsey Isle Trust and the Glaston Rose Humane Company Creating an idyll of Martinsey and Lidney Islands Natural Burial honouring life's sacred thresholds
The Martinsey Isle Trust was co-founded in 2002 by David Wasley, its inspiration, and Judith Pidgeon, its grounder

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